About us

who are we?

Members of the community, supporting the community, while our elected officials willfully ignore: the steady rise in evictions, the absence of affordable housing, and the persistent gentrification of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Our values

We center and uplift the most marginalized members of our community to shape an inclusive future for our neighborhoods. We achieve this through OUR CORE VALUES:


→ Focusing on restorative justice to reduce interstitial harm to promote healing and reconciliation within our communities.

→ Prioritizing people over profit, housing should center the needs of our community and not developers, landlords or property owners.

→ Collective liberation and solidarity, working together is what will make change, we cannot win what we deserve if we fight alone.

→ Horizontal movement, we build up housing justice from our homes, to our neighborhoods, to connections which span the city.

→ hip phoenix encourages organizers to learn their rights and share knowledge and resources within their community to amplify healing.